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Order direct from dōTERRA® online, save 25% when you buy dōTERRA Essential Oils and have them delivered to your door.

Welcome to our dōTERRA Essential Oils Website. From here you can learn more about the amazing essential oils and products that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and you can order the complete range.

If you have been introduced to doTERRA by a friend or someone else you know, please do not register on this site – rather contact your friend and ask them to enroll you.

We are Tess and Craig Godfrey, Diamond dōTERRA Wellness Advocates (ID# 1068248) and we have been using these amazing oils for the past three years. The oils have helped not just our family, but the health of many of our Natural Therapy Clients as well. You really should try them for yourself.

How do you start?

The most intelligent way to purchase our dōTERRA Essential Oils is to open a wholesale account. This offers you the greatest saving and you will get more value for money. With a wholesale account you get to save 25% off retail as a “Wellness Advocate” and that means you get your oils at the same price we do! How amazing is that. For example you can join with a Home Essentials Kit below (saving more than A$120).



Ready to Buy dōTERRA Essential Oils – choose your kit and click below:

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If you want to see screen shots of the process click here: dōTERRA Joining Guide.


Start with a KIT

The Home Essentials Kit is one of our most popular kits as it comes with our 10 most popular oils as well as the beautiful diffuser. This is the smart way to buy dōTERRA Essential Oils. To buy all this retail would cost you over AU$500. When you get the Home Essentials kit it only costs you AU$330.

SAVE AU$170 and BUY NOW. 

You will get: wholesale membership, your own shop site and private support from a Naturopath and one of the largest Australian dōTERRA Teams! This is how we started!

Essential Oils in your kit:

Oregano – extremely potent, a powerful cleansing agent, to support a healthy immune system.

Tea-tree – renowned for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin, protects against environmental threats.

Lemon – cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces, cleanses the body and aids in digestion.

Frankincense – the KING of oils, supports healthy cellular function, promotes relaxation.

On Guard® – proprietary blend supporting a healthy immune function, energising and uplifting.

Lavender – a must-have oil, soothes, reduces anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep.

Peppermint – promotes healthy respiratory function, clear breathing and digestive health.

DigestZen® – aids in digestion of food, soothes stomach upset, helps reduce occasional indigestions.

Easy Air® – maintain feeling of clear airways and easy breathing, promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Ice Blue® – formulated to sooth and cool, great for comforting support and lower back pain relief.

buy doterra oils now

There are more Enrollment Kit options. Click below for more info:

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No problem. If you would rather select your own individual oils or products, have a browse through the Product List below and build a custom order. If you need a hand please send us a message.

To place a custom order, you will need to pay A$35 wholesale membership fee. (This is waived if you buy an enrollment kit). This membership is like a Costco membership and allows you 12 months of access to wholesale prices (discount of 25% on retail prices). If you want to build your custom kit then select Introductory Enrollment Packet – A$35 and add it to your shopping cart together with the other oils or products you want.

Member Benefits as a Wellness Advocate include:

  1. Wholesale prices on all the dōTERRA products from Australia AND America
  2. Save 25% on RRP
  3. A$35 membership fee waived (if you buy a kit)
  4. NO Minimum Order
  5. NO Regular Order
  6. NO Lock-in contracts
  7. Opportunity to learn about and earn EXTRA INCOME (Contact us to learn more)
  8. Access to our Online Training and Facebook Community (5,500 members across the world – and growing daily)

Want to know more? Send us a Message now: or:




If natural healthcare is still new to you, you may want to Buy dōTERRA Oils and begin purchasing at the retail or full price level. In this case smaller kits such as the ones on or one or two single oils could be what’s best for you. Retail, however requires you to pay regular, full price and there is no savings.

If you simply wish to purchase a few dōTERRA essential oils online and have them shipped to your front door, then head over to our dōTERRA ONLINE SHOP!

Before you buy retail, please have a look at the information on setting up a wholesale account, because you may find it much more cost effective to go wholesale! You will immediately save 25% with NO commitment to buy regularly. Why not buy at wholesale prices?

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And in case you were wondering there is NO OBLIGATION to sell nor any kind of monthly purchase requirement. Absolutely no strings attached! As a member you automatically become a Wellness Advocate. That’s really just a fancy title that gives you wholesale access, but ALLOWS you at any time the opportunity to turn your position into a business. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to advocate a lifestyle of health and wellness these days? Like others, we became members with the intent of using it for ourselves, but soon found satisfaction in sharing with others and realised we wanted to make the most of the opportunity. It has become one of the most rewarding decisions and today we are Diamond Wellness Advocates supporting almost 4,000 users and distributors of dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Let us know if you have questions, or need any assistance in setting up your wholesale account – we would like to support you!