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Mailchimp – getting started

MailChimp Setup

We have found MailChimp to be a  great addition to our business. It offers not just a professional email solution, but as you will see in further blog articles, MailChimp can be really effectively integrated in your website to offer an excellent way to capture client information, prospects, newsletter subscribers or generally interested prospects. We […]

Banish the Other Four Letter F-Word: Fear

doTERRA Fear

Banish Fear. In a previous life I spent a lot of time training Sales Leaders and Staff in the Cohen Brown Sales Process. Although you may know it as a little old-school, the fundamental principles are solid and worth learning. I will share more in coming articles, but perhaps a great place to start is […]

3 Steps to start

When signing someone up, it’s really helpful to have a system for getting them started. I never say to someone, “Let’s build a business.” That scares people. Instead, I lead them through these three simple steps and show them how to get their oils paid for. With these steps, people are able to know what’s […]